First Talking Statue in Russia

We are excited of announcing that the first talking statue is now ready to visit in Saint Petersburg, Russia. After meeting with the Culture Committee three year ago, the first statue is now talking. The statue is of a siskin, better known as a goldfinch or barley bird in some parts of the world, and it maintains a tiny yet significant presence on its perch along the river. The monument of Chizhik-Pyzhik is an extremely popular monument among tourists of all ages. It was installed on the Fontanka Embankment near the water. Local residents immediately fell in love with the little hero, and soon the belief emerged that if you throw small coins onto a small platform near the bird’s legs their wish will come true. Chizhik-Pyzhik is the smallest monument in St. Petersbourg: with a height of only 11 centimeters and a weight of five kilograms. Due to its small size, the little monument has been stolen more than seven times.

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