Federal Hall, New York

City projects

We will provide know-how, content, and programming to make statues talk in your city. We can help you anywhere in the world and with any statue. We furthermore provide social media to make your statue or city known globally.

Union Square, New York

Museum exhibits

We help give voice to statues at museums. Adding interactivity to museums is important and we would like to help you on the way. Let us suggest who we can add a new experience and value to your museum.

Kings Garden, Copenhagen


Letting the students learn history outside the classroom can be a well rewarding experience.  We have experience in designing applications for use in schools. We design apps that will make the statues and monuments talk and add tasks that the kids have to answer.


The statue can say anything you want! We usually discuss and idea and leave it to the writer to find out the exact words

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To make one statue talk it usually takes 4 weeks all depending on your demands, if you need a special actor, it may take longer.

The way the project can used in schools it to activate learning outside the classroom. The children will be asked questions about the monuments and statues, will have to make their own design etc

The price depends on the actual work that has to be done, and weather we will do all the work. It is possible to devide the work and share it

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