Abraham Lincoln Milwaukee Wisconsin

Abraham Lincoln Milwaukee Wisconsin

750 N Lincoln Memorial Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202, USA

A statue of Abraham Lincoln by American artist Gaetano Cecere is installed along Lincoln Memorial Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. The 10’6″ bronze sculpture depicts a young beardless Abraham Lincoln. The former president stands looking down with both hands at his sides.

Gaetano Cecere’s Abraham Lincoln stands tall at 10’6″. The full-length portrait shows a young beardless Lincoln looking down. The cast bronze sculpture sits on a Wausau red granite pedestal. There are various inscriptions on the sculpture. The lower left corner of the back of the bronze base reads:

Gaetano Cecere, Sculptor 1934.

The lower right corner of the back of the bronze base reads:

Jno Williams, NY 1934

The front of the base reads:






Actor: Pete Simpson
Written by: George Saunders
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