How it Works

It is very easy, you just need to bring your smartphone!

Using the QR code with your scanner

By scanning the QR code, the system will be activated, and you will receive a call from the statues in front of him/her. You then have to decide if you want to accept calls from e.g. Gandhi, Washington, Lincoln, etc.

To scan a QR code you must have a QR reader/scanner (which can be downloaded for free) on your smartphone. The plastic sign at the statue will contain a QR code and then you just scan it and the statue will talk to you.

Most smartphone already have a QR scanner. Newer smartphones has a built in scanner in the camera, but if you down have one you can download it for free
At the statue you will find a QR sign and now you just scan the code and you will get a call. If the statues does not have a QR sign you can use our free app (see bleow)

Using our free app

Not all statues have a sign with a QR code, but they can all found in our app and you will get the call in the same way when you get close to the statue automatically!

First, use the link to go to either iOS or Android and download the app. You install it on your smartphone. You open it and then you can choose a city and either look at the map or the statues and you will find the Talking Statues.

Find the correct app for you phone using the link below
After download, you will find it on your phone and you are ready to start.

download free talking statues app here

Download for iPhone
Download for Samsung, Windows, etc
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